Born in Hilversum, Fine Art Photographer Mike van Veen established the ‘MV2’Art Practice and Studio to create his debut, international exhibition, ‘HEAD SPACE’, comprising images originally captured using the X-ray camera at his local hospital.

Inspired by Dutch painter Karel Appel, co-founder of avant-garde movement Co- bra, and Swiss surrealist painter H.R Giger, van Veen’s artistic career began as a film-maker.

Like German sculptor Rebecca Horn, van Veen’s medical experiences at a young age led directly to the formation of his early artistic practice – in his case, seeing X-rays of himself after injuries incurred playing and exploring as a child.

“I became fascinated by X-ray photography and its potential for creating a new aesthetic in figurative, as well as more abstract art, transforming the appearance of the world around me and the visual identities of the objects in it.It is a unique artistic technology and the results are always unpredictable, generating artistic outcomes which only emerge in the course of the experimental process of exposing objects to differing levels of radiation”.

Van Veen’s early film explorations of Afghanistan and Italy led him to experience light and colour in ways which, subsequently, he could apply to the images captured by the X-ray camera, transforming their subjects’ form and appearance, to give them a completely new visual identity.

Following ‘HEAD SPACE’ previews in Milan and Venice in 2015, internationally acclaimed re- cording artist Armin van Buuren commissioned Mike van Veen to create the visual imagery for his 2016 World Tour, ‘Embrace’.

The collaboration has provided a unique contemporary gallery for the exhibition of the art of Mike van Veen, reaching a global audience of over a quarter of a million people in the Neth- erlands, Dubai, Bulgaria, Israel, Turkey, Belarus, Mexico, China, Macau, Philippines, Taiwan, Brasil, Australia and Russia.